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    How To Create Avatar From Photo For Free

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    Melisa E.
    I like to write about AI, image processing and ChatGPT. But my work is not limited to these subjects. Oh, and I never use AI to generate my content.
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    Image credit: © semicolon.dev

    If you want to turn your photo to a stylized Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or TikTok avatar, follow step-by-step instructions in this tutorial.

    This is your own, private and personal way to make as many avatars as you want.

    Guys...you don't want to download avatar maker apps on your iPhone or Android. It's too much hassle. And a lot of the time they're free to install, but you still have to pay for best features. You can do this with Discord and Midjourney! Both are free.

    Having said this, you can create high-quality avatars in any style using Midjourney. It's free to use multiple times. But even then it's worth upgrading if you need more avatars.

    Yes, that's right! There is no limit to what style you can apply to your avatar photo.

    The only limit is your own imagination. Because style is applied by describing it using a short text phrase called a prompt. You just type this text as a regular message together with your image URL address added.

    You can use combination of phrases that you simply type into a Midjourney prompt, like: "oil painting", or "anime". Granted, the results won't always be 100% perfect, but the more you practice prompt writing the better the images get.

    Midjourney the best free AI art generator available online right now. It's even better than Stable Diffusion, which is 100% free but nightmare to install.

    If you're searching for any of these topics, you're on the right page! photo to ai art anime, photo to ai art app, photo to ai art generator, photo to ai art generator anime, photo to ai art reddit, photo to ai art tiktok, ai art photo to art, photo to ai art online free, photo to line art ai, or photo to image ai art generator.

    How to make avatar from your photo using AI art? That's the question we're going to answer in this article. You can also add style like anime, manga, watercolor or pencil drawing!

    Process overview:

    • You can create an original avatar in unique style from your own photo for using on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or other social media.
    • You can make your avatar look like anime, a watercolor painting, pencil drawing or another style. You can add sunglasses, headphones, a wreath.
    • You will need free Discord account.
    • Once on Discord, join Midjourney's server.
    • AI art is generated using prompts (brief text messages.)
    • A prompt is a simple text description of what you want to be generated.
    • To make avatars, a special type of prompt called image prompt is used.
    • An image prompt always starts with the URL of the image.
    • To get URL of any image right click it, and choose "Copy image address".
    • Optionally, you can simply upload your image to Discord channel.
    • You will use URL of your photo to pass it to Midjourney's prompt.
    • After the URL, type space and a text message like "anime style".
    • Follow detailed step-by-step instructions on how to do all this below.
    Read carefully...and follow every step in this order:

    Let's get started!

    Midjourney is the best online AI art tool for making avatars for free.

    You can use Midjourney in your browser on a desktop computer or on your phone.

    Midjourney is available only through Discord app, but it's easy to set up.

    To get started, Get Free Discord Account and also optionally download Discord app on your phone. (You can download Discord app or just log in, directly in your browser.)

    Once you got your free Discord account, watch this video:

    On YouTube: how to sign up for Midjourney and make your first AI art.

    One thing I love about Midjourney is that it runs on Discord platform.

    This means you'll be able to generate avatars from your phone too via Discord app.

    How to turn your photo into an AI-generated avatar?

    It's a bit of an elaborate process. But just follow it through. It's totally worth it!

    There is no easier-to-use free online tool for making AI art avatars, than Midjourney.

    This may seem like a lot but you only have to do this once.

    To setup Midjourney on your own Discord server, and convert your photo to AI art, follow these layman's step-by-steps instructions:

    • Register free Discord account.
    • Go to Midjourney site and click Join The Beta button.
    • Once on Midjourney server, click plus button on left sidebar to create your own server.
    • Give your Discord server a name and create it.
    • Go back to Midjourney server and find a #newbie channel on left sidebar.
    • Enter a newbie channel and locate Midjourney Bot (green username)
    • Right-click on the Midjourney Bot username, select your Discord server name from drop down menu below, and then click on the Add To Server button (see screenshot below.)
    • Here's a separate How to add Midjourney to your Discord server tutorial.
    • When you created your own server, a button was added to left navigation sidebar.
    • Click on Discord server's button on left sidebar, to enter your server.

    Make sure you created your own Discord server.

    Here's supplementary image of the process to the process above:

    Adding Midjourney Bot to your Discord Server

    If Midjourney Bot was successfully added to your Discord server, it should say "Midjourney Bot entered your server" note in your Discord server's chat view:

    Midjourney Discord Bot

    Now that you created your own Discord server and invited Midjourney Bot to it, you are ready to generate avatars from your photo.

    This is done using Midjourney's /imagine command (that starts with a slash.)

    Type /imagine command, followed by a space into Discord input box below. The command is typed directly into Discord's message box, where you would normally type your message you want to send to the server:

    Midjourney Imagine Prompt Command

    Now you are ready to type your first AI art prompt.

    What Is a Prompt?

    Creating AI art is done by using something called prompts.

    A prompt is just a text message you type into AI art generator.

    For example, typing "tree, watercolor painting" will tell AI to generate a watercolor painting of a tree. You can tell it to generate anime, or any other style.

    Or typing "Sunset on another planet" will tell it just that. It will make a unique imaginary photograph of a sunset on another planet. AI does all of the imagination work, and creates a completely free, copyright-free (ready for commercial use) image.

    What Is An Image Prompt?

    AI can read both text and image content.

    It understands what is in the image, without you typing anything else.

    This is why a photo of yourself will be needed for AI to "capture" features of your face.

    Generally AI will simply interpret text you typed to create the image from it.

    But to make an avatar from your photo, you must upload it somewhere first.

    You can create an avatar of anyone else, including your friends, as long as a URL of their image is available somewhere publicly online.

    (Just right click on it, or any other image you see in your browser, and choose "Copy image address".) This is the link you will use.

    Now that you have your image URL, type it into the prompt as shown below:

    Image prompt for making anime style avatar from your selfie

    So you have your image URL, followed by space, and style you want.

    You can replace "anime style" with "oil painting", or whatever you want.

    I know it sounds crazy but AI will understand your face, down to every feature, whether it's big blue eyes, or dark hair. Basically, it will automatically understand what makes you, you. All of this simply from your image.

    So when you supply a photo of yourself to the AI art generator, it will analyze features of your face. It will capture key features and "main ingredients", and mix it together with another style. In the end you will get back a picture of you that looks like anime style.

    To turn your photo to stylistic avatar, continue with the following steps:

    • Upload your photo so it's available somewhere online, or copy and paste it into your discord chat, then submit it.
    • Right click on the image, and click "Copy image address".
    • Start typing /imagine command into your Discord server, followed by a space
    • Copy and Paste URL of your image first thing into the prompt message.
    • Type space after the URL and enter text part of your prompt, for example: "anime style".
    • Press Enter to submit your prompt and wait for the images to generate!

    So basically, it should look something like this:

    Image prompt for making anime style avatar from your selfie

    That link that starts with https:// is the address to your photo.

    Midjourney will generate 4 different but similar images that might look like this:

    make AI art avatar from selfie

    Image prompts are special types of text-to-image prompts. They use the URL of any image on the internet as a reference, to create a copyright-free derivative of that image.

    According to Midjourney terms, everything you create with Midjourney becomes yours. You will own the copyright of all images produced by Midjourney.

    What style should I choose?

    You can add any style. But not all styles fit the avatar look.

    Some common styles are: cartoon, watercolor or oil painting, charcoal or pencil sketch, anime, manga pixel art, or simple line drawing.

    Pick a good photo of yourself

    Pick the best photo of yourself and make sure it's cropped so your face appears exactly in the center, looking straight at the camera. It can be any angle you want.

    Keep in mind, the produced photo will not always be exactly like the original photo of yourself. The trick is to use Midjourney to produce multiple images and pick the best one.

    Midjourney will produce 4 random avatars, similar to your appearance, every time you generate the image. Keep rolling the dice (generating the images) until you produce the avatar you want to keep and save it to your hard drive or phone.

    Melisa E.
    I like to write about AI, image processing and ChatGPT. But my work is not limited to these subjects. Oh, and I never use AI to generate my content.
    Follow Me
    On Ghost Together

    Oh, and another thing...I am an independent writer, so if you help share this article on Discord or WhatsApp or whatever app you're active on, I would be very grateful! Thank you 🙂

    It took hours to put this material together. Please help me out by sharing it 🙂

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    How To Create Avatar From Photo For Free

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