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    How To Type Text Around Circle In Illustrator

    Let's take a look at how to draw text around a circle in Illustrator. The process becomes simple once you get to know the workflow. In this tutorial we'll draw text around a circle, custom curve created with Pen tool and a polygon.

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    Here's a quick guide to wrapping your text around circle or a custom shape in Illustrator:

    How To Wrap Text Around Circle In Illustrator

    There are many reasons for why you would want to write text around shapes like a circle or polygon. You can make text look appealing for a T-shirt design simply by applying a warping effect to it. Writing text on a curve is a common way to create simple text-based logos.

    Illustrator makes it very easy to create curved text. Below I will list two different approaches to wrapping text around a shape. First we'll take a look at writing text around a circle. The second list will go over writing text around any custom shape.

    To distort text shape follow these steps:

    • Add text to artboard using the Text Tool.
    • Click on text object to select it.
    • Go to Object menu and click Envelope Distort option.
    • Select Make with Warp option or press Alt+Shift+Ctrl+W keyboard shortcut.
    • Select style and vertical or horizontal bend.
    • Use Bend slider to adjust the amount of text curvature.
    • Experiment with different shapes and text styles.

    To make text wrap around a circle, follow these steps:

    • Using Ellipse tool, draw a circle on artboard.
    • Hold Shift key while dragging Ellipse to make a perfect circle.
    • Select Type on a Path tool under T button on left toolbar.
    • Click on the very edge of a circle.
    • Start typing text, and it will wrap and bend around the surface of the circle.

    This tutorial was transcribed from the following video:

    How to draw text around a circle in Illustrator

    Introduction to Typing Text Around Shapes in Adobe Illustrator

    In this tutorial, we will be learning how to type text around a circle or shape using Adobe Illustrator. This feature is particularly useful in designing logos, creating unique text effects, and enhancing overall composition in graphic design. You'll be surprised how easy it is to bend and warp your text in any way you want.

    Creating and Warping Text

    Firstly, we need to create some text. You can do this by hitting the 'T' key on your keyboard or by selecting the text tool (T icon) from the toolbar. After selecting the text tool, click anywhere on your artboard and type your text. For better visibility, select a larger font.

    Typing text in Adobe Illustrator
    Typing text in Adobe Illustrator using the text tool

    To wrap this text around a shape, navigate to the Object menu, select Envelope Distort, and then click on Make with Warp:

    Wrapping text around circle shae in Adobe Illustrator for text path
    Wrapping text around a circle in over our Ellipse shape

    This action will trigger a new set of options to warp your text. By adjusting the 'Bend' slider, you can control the curve of your text.

    You can choose from different styles such as arc, bulge, or wave. The direction of the curve can also be adjusted either vertically or horizontally.

    Navigating to the Envelope Distort menu in Adobe Illustrator
    Navigating to the 'Envelope Distort' option under the 'Object' menu

    Utilizing Online Learning Resources

    Online resources like chatbots and tutorial websites are excellent tools for learning Adobe Illustrator quickly.

    These platforms can provide step-by-step guidance and are often faster than traditional search methods.

    Using Ghost Together chat platform for learning Adobe Illustrator
    Utilizing the Ghost Together chat platform for quick learning

    Typing Text on a Circular Path

    To type text around a shape can be done using Type on a Path tool.

    This is highly effective for typing text on the surface of a circle.

    Begin by creating a circle using the ellipse tool:

    Creating a circle in Adobe Illustrator for text path
    Creating a circle in Adobe Illustrator for our text path

    After that, select the Type on a Path tool, move your cursor over the circle, then click right on the edge of the circle (not inside the circle.)

    Default Lorem Ipsum text will appear and instantly wrap around the circle.

    Just start typing your own text, and it will flow across the circle's path.

    Drawing text around ellipse in illustrator
    Text flowing around the radius of a circle.

    Adjust your font size to fit perfectly within the circle.

    Typing Text Around Different Shapes

    The 'Type on a Path' tool isn't exclusive to circles. It works with any shape, including polygons. Simply select your shape, use the 'Type on a Path' tool, and click on the edge of your shape. Your text will wrap flawlessly around it.

    Using Type on a Path tool for polygon shape in Adobe Illustrator
    Using the 'Type on a Path' tool for a polygon shape

    Creating Custom Text Paths

    For a more unique design, you can type around custom paths created with the pen tool. Draw any curve with the pen tool, select the 'Type on a Path' tool, and click on your custom curve. Your text will follow the path you've created, giving you endless creative possibilities.

    Typing text on a custom curve path in Adobe Illustrator
    Typing text on a custom curve path in Adobe Illustrator

    Remember, Illustrator offers a lot of flexibility, so feel free to experiment with different shapes and text styles to see what works best for your design needs!

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    How To Type Text Around Circle In Illustrator

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